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The concept is really fun and tense. I do think you could push the tension further by using threatening sounds that get closer as the player tries to complete each action. The use of mislabeling shapes and colors is clever and I think that could be taken even further with more time. You could research and incorporate more ways to trick the player's mind and gut instincts, it would be really challenging and unique! The graphics are really nice and refined for a game jam game. The atmosphere is effective so I felt like I was in an isolated cabin. Adding more animations for the buttons and levers to give the player more solid feedback when interacting will really push the game's feel and responsiveness. Overall, it's a great game from a jam, really solid concept!


So overall the sound design was good and held a good atmosphere and a nice concept. Personally though things that could be improved are the feedback between the player and the elements around them. Many times I could barely tell if I'd even clicked something  or when the text on the walkie talky changed, There is also no way to clearly see the text change on the walkie at the distance you need to be in order to click it. A good concept but with lack of feedback when attempting to do something it makes it difficult to play.


This game was super cool and really unique among jam games. You guys did a great job!


Great game over all, there is a lot of tension as you have to focus whilst fearing what is about to come. Quite a funny little experience. I do however feel there could be even more tension through the atmosphere of the game. Fantastic concept and good execution. I would love to see a game like this concept but with more movement in a larger area, where the comming danger is visualized even more though sounds, and perhaps even by being albe to to see "them" chasing you from a far. But all in all, a entertaining game! Keep up the good work :)