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Welcome to Woodland Café!

Meet, serve, and make connections with everyone in this bustling shop of animals! You are the owner of this joint and it's your job to make everyone happy, so get out there and bring that customer service attitude and let's make some connections!


WASD - movement

Mouse - camera angle

E - wave/talk to animals

Ben Germano ~ Producer Twitter

Brandon Garcia Carrillo ~ Level Designer Twitter

Tyler Baldwin ~ Tech Artist and System Designer Twitter

Jay Pickett ~ Programmer Twitter

John Blaikie ~ Programmer Twitter

Keira Wentworth ~ Character Artist Twitter Artstation

Melanie Templin ~ Character Artist and Animator Twitter Artstation

Cody Stamm ~ Environment Artist Twitter Artstation

Everest Marshall ~ Environment Artist, UI Artist Twitter Artstation


WoodlandCafeV.06.zip 75 MB


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Heyy I've made a video about the game and wanted to share it here, hopefuly it's useful for the developement of the game :)

Also I wanted to share some quick feedback from what I've played :)

-Visual style fits perfectly the theme of the game :D

-The concept of the game it's interesting

-At the video I got some strange bugs/glitches

-Puzzle minigame works great but the cup/waiter minigame could be polished or made easier

-I don't know why but my mouse controls where inverted in the "X" coordenates.

Good luck with the development :D


Thanks so much for not only checking out our game, but also offering feedback!

I certainly agree that there are some places that we could have a bit more polish, but due to this being a game jam game, I think we're going to leave it where it is.

If we do go back and fix it up we will be sure to send you a message =]

Great :D good luck your future developments :)
If someday you need feedback I'll be happy to check out your games.